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Cannot Start Crs Service System Error 502

A free starter version of the Atomic ModSecurity rules, bundled with Plesk. device type>        -dev         [-name ]        [-description ]        [-blksize ]         [-ioctl ]        [-remhost ]

0 0 06/04/15--01:52: Tape import fails : "Internal error: DbaXXXX What should I check, is my db corrupted?   omnisv -stop and -start   # /opt/omni/sbin/omnisv -status    ProcName  Status  [PID]   ===============================    rds     : Down    crs     : Active  [26507]    mmd     : Active  [26506]    For these error, just modify the buffer: fastcgi_buffers 16 512k; fastcgi_buffer_size 512k; share|improve this answer answered May 25 at 5:04 De Nguyen 10113 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved Check This Out

The logs show the same things as the onscreen error message; that is, that crs experienced an error:2003-12-3 10:19:34 - STOPHP OpenView Storage Data Protector services successfully stopped.2003-12-3 10:19:50 - STARTCannot Posted in 11gR2, CRS, HA, OHASD, Oracle, RACTagged 11gR2, crs, crsstart, OHASD, RAC3 Comments crsctl start crs doesn't start crs -10gR2 Posted on October 25, 2011October 26, 2011 by Anand Today But with the format the tape gets an new medium id. This configuration is for a 8Gb RAM server so… sudo nano /etc/php5/fpm/pool.d/www.conf then set the following values for pm.max_children = 70 pm.start_servers = 20 pm.min_spare_servers = 20 pm.max_spare_servers = 35 pm.max_requests

For a pre-11gR2 database registered to the 11gR2 grid should not have entry like "[email protected]" and also should have "ora.dbname.instancename.inst" in the crsctl stat res -t output.That was enough of the Try omnidbrestore -autorecover   (but my syntax is wrong) Please help! This are my settings on /etc/php5/fpm/pool.d/www.conf to avoid 501 and 502 nginx errors… The server has 16Gb RAM. Check: Node reachability from node "node1" Destination Node Reachable? ------------------------------------ ------------------------ node3 yes node1 yes node4 yes node2 yes Result: Node reachability check passed from node "node1".

Stop the services, delete everything in there, restart the services.After that, patching for DP. For example, if the web application firewall is working in Detection only mode on the server level, you will not be able to turn it to On for domains. This can be useful to work around ; accidental corruptions in an accelerator's shared memory. ; Available Units: s(econds), m(inutes), h(ours), or d(ays) ; Default Unit: seconds ; Default Value: 0 USR_ORA_INST_NAME= [email protected](wdlab1)=matrix1 [email protected](wdlab2)=matrix2 USR_ORA_OPEN_MODE=open ....................

ModSecurity is supported in both Plesk for Linux and for Windows. xx4040: (test1) /anand> crsctl query crs activeversion Oracle Clusterware active version on the cluster is [] xx4040: (test1) /anand> ocrcheck Status of Oracle Cluster Registry is as follows : Version : Check: User equivalence for user "oracle" Node Name Comment ------------------------------------ ------------------------ node3 passed node2 passed node1 passed node4 passed Result: User equivalence check passed for user "oracle". https://community.hpe.com/t5/Data-Protector-Practitioners/CRS-service-not-getting-started/td-p/3572936 After installing it, make sure you start it: # service php-fpm start # chkconfig php-fpm on share|improve this answer answered Jun 11 '14 at 6:45 Jake Wilson 28.4k52157244 add a comment|

Can I hint the optimizer by giving the range of an integer? Any ideas? Tank-Fighting Alien How difficult is it to practically detect a forgery in a cryptosystem? Check: Node reachability from node "test1" Destination Node Reachable? ------------------------------------ ------------------------ test1 yes test2 yes Result: Node reachability check passed from node "test1".

Set the web application firewall mode to On or Detection only. If the check succeeds, the HTTP request is passed to website to retrieve the content. Moving a member function from base class to derived class breaks the program for no obvious reason How do fonts work in LaTeX? SMS verification, is it secure?

To enable this rule set in Plesk, register on the Atomic site and provide your username and password from this site. his comment is here The latest version of the rules, with all the performance enhancements, new security features and bug fixes released by Atomicorp GotRoot on a daily basis. And if it does like in my case, you need to create swap file (unless you already have one). You can upload a custom web application firewall rule set, for example, a trial package from Atomic or a free package from Comodo.

Where can I look for this?

0 0 06/04/15--08:40: Re: Restore from a formatted Tape Contact us about this article MSC12,   I saw that error doing some tape imports.  Are you sure the php-fpm service is installed and running? ONLINE 2a7efe06a2e04f61bfd833fqsd354ec02 (/u01/oraadmin/test/CRS_DISK/vdsk) [] Located 1 voting disk(s). this contact form The browser will highlight entries like HOST: your_domain.tld.

Please try the request again. For details refer to "(:CLSN00107:)" in "/u01/app/grid/11.2.0/log/wdlab2/agent/crsd/oraagent_oracle/oraagent_oracle.log". Posted in 10gR2, 11gR2, CRS, crsctl, Oracle, srvctlTagged 10gR2, 11gR2, crsctl, downgrade, RAC, srvctlLeave a comment hasGetClusterStatus Status verification failed due to cluvfy execution failure for node(s) - 10gR2RAC Posted on

Next in this section: Atomic ModSecurity Rule Sets   Leave your comments on this page Leave your feedback or question on this documentation topic below.

We tried it back on the old one too but without success.     Any ideas?

0 0 06/04/15--00:28: Re: Restore from a formatted Tape Contact us about this article Just a hint, Andre.

0 0 06/04/15--04:15: Re: poor LTO 5 Contact us about this article May be which tape you are using that completed more than 100 writes on I'm trying to add a client, all hosts files are correct as are .rhosts files - I can telnet between my cell manager and my client; the installation seems to work Atomic ModSecurity Rule Set.

Contact us about this article Which type of Backup are we talking about? Checked the inventory.xml in /app/oracle/crs/oraInventory/ContentsXML/ which showed {HOME NAME="OraCrs10g_home" LOC="/app/oracle/crs" TYPE="O" IDX="1" CRS="true"} {NODE_LIST} {NODE NAME="node1"/} {NODE NAME="node2"/} {NODE NAME="node3"/} {/NODE_LIST} {/HOME} Added NODE NAME "node4" to the inventory.xml using node1: storypick.com/mumbai-local-l… 4monthsago @yvrk1973 Congrats!! 5monthsago Email Subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. navigate here To add the ocr and voting disk the commands needs to be executed as ROOT user.Before adding/change make sure you have the latest backup using ocrconfig -showbackup [[email protected] test]# cd /u01/app/grid/

Nginx and ModSecurity Notes (Linux) On Linux, ModSecurity is a module for Apache. However, during the pre-upgrade check Plesk Installer will ask you if you agree that Plesk ModSecurity can be installed on top of your existing installation. To view the ModSecurity audit log, go to Tools & Settings > Web Application Firewall (ModSecurity) > click the Logs Archive link in the ModSecurity audit log section. Failed to initialize voting file /u02/oraadmin/test/CRS_DISK/vdsk.

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