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This example makes a direct connection to a geodatabase in PostgreSQL to get information about locks: sdemon -info -I locks -i sde:postgresql:myserver -u usera -p pwda -D gisdb ArcSDE Instance sde:postgresql:myserver PATH = C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\client_1\bin;C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1\bin; So Dirrect Connect is working without any problems, but I cannot start the ArcSDE Service. Submit Feedback sent successfully. SE_TASKS_EXCEEDED     (-7) The number of allowed server tasks was exceeded and no more logins to the ArcSDE serverare allowed until a task completes. http://culturahq.com/cannot-start/cannot-start-arcsde-check-for-zombie.html

Modify the ArcSDE user's password if it was entered incorrectly: sdeservice -o modify -r SDE_DBA_PASSWORD The ArcSDE home directory must exist and the system PATH variable must be updated to reflect SE_INVALID_RASTILEINFO_OBJECT     (-261) The SE_RASTILEINFO object isnt initialized. The function is unable to continue. The dimension parameters for an Spatial Database Option (SDO) table were not found in the dbtune.sde file. http://support.esri.com/technical-article/000010694

SE_INVALID_DISTINCT_TYPE     (-104) Tried distinct statistics on an invalid type. SE_INVALID_STORAGE_TYPE     (-196) Invalid layer storage type. SE_METADATA_RECORD_NOEXIST     (-267) The meta-data record doesnt exist. I don't understand this licence problem!

SE_INVALID_SYSTEM_UNITS     (-123) The specified systems units were < 1 or > 2147483647. SE_TABLE_NOEXIST     (-37) The specified DBMS table does not exist. Direct connection works without a lot of fiddling around. SE_INVALID_PART_SEPARATOR     (-149) A part separator is in the wrong position.

SE_OPERATION_NOT_ALLOWED     (-296) The specified operation is not allowed. SE_NO_ACCESS     (-15) The caller does not have access to the specified object. SE_INVALID_END_PT     (-75) The specified endpoint is invalid or cannot be located within the associated shape. https://geonet.esri.com/thread/19570 sde * Instance Name: sde:sqlserver:\ e.g.

SE_INVALID_FUNCTION_ID    (-1009) The DBMS function ID is invalid. SE_INVALID_RASTER_NUMBER     (-229) The specified raster number is out of range. SE_RASTERCOLUMN_NOEXIST     (-226) The specified raster column doesnt exist. When used with the info or status operations, this is the user name of any user who has access to the geodatabase.

Informix The user must be the informix user. sde:postgresql:myhost,5432 * User ID: e.g. SE_NO_PERMISSIONS     (-25) The caller does not have database permissions to perform the operation or function. SE_NO_ROWS_UPDATED    (-1005) Returned during an update operation when no rows satisfied the users where clause.

The ArcSDE service may be managed remotely by including the server (-s) and service (-i) options on the command line. navigate here The Create ArcSDE Connection File tool is in the Workspace toolset of the Data Management toolbox. 3. Open the Create ArcSDE Connection File geoprocessing tool. If this is unchecked, you will be prompted to provide the user name and password each time you connect using this connection file. 12.

tiger * Version: SDE.DEFAULT Alternatively: Connection: Parameters * Server: * Database: e.g. Sat Jun 14 16:15:23 2014 - System Parameter table 'SERVER_CONFIG' Read. SE_OGCWKB_UNSUPPORTED_EYTPE     (-400)   OGCWKB type does not support ANNO or CAD. http://culturahq.com/cannot-start/arcsde-command-line-tools.html SE_SDETRACELOC_NOT_SET     (-182) The SDETRACELOC environment variable isnt set.

SE_READ_ONLY_SHAPE     (-157) Attempted to modify or free a read-only shape from a shape table. The ArcSDE server must be started before calling the function that returned this code. SE_INVALID_IDENTIFIER     (-322) Name not valid for DBMS.

Copy the service entry you defined in the services.sde file and paste it into the Windows service file. 5.

Note that you only need to specify the -H option (SDEHOME) if the variable is not set or you have multiple services and, therefore, multiple SDEHOME directories. SE_SEQUENCENBR_EXISTS     (-258) The raster band squence number already exists. Refer to the topics Starting an ArcSDE service and Stopping an ArcSDE service in the ArcGIS Desktop or ArcGIS Server help for a detailed discussion. SE_INVALID_STATS_TYPE     (-103) Tried statistics on a nonnumeric column.

You can start a service from the command line on a local Windows server. For example, if the service name is esri_sde, you would delete the files /tmp/esri_sde and /tmp/esri_sde.lock. SE_NO_COMMON_LINEAGE     (-190) Attempted to trim between states on different lineage branches. this contact form For example, a call to SE_stream_set_integer on a query_layer stream.

SE_LOCK_EXISTS     (-240) The specified lock record already exists. SE_QUERYINFO_NOT_PREPARED     (-260) The SE_QUERYINFO object hasnt been prepared for a query. The Windows NT user who starts the ArcSDE service must be in either a Windows NT administrator or power user group.For Windows NT or Windows 2000 with Oracle 8.1.5, be sure SE_INVALID_SHAPE     (-27) Returned when a shape cannot be verified as valid.

SE_TRACE_OFF     (-216) Tried to stop tracing but its already disabled. This would tell us the exact SQL and object that are throwing the error. SE_LOCK_CONFLICT     (-49) The lock request was not granted because the request conflicted with another users lock. Type the sdeservice command with the create operation.

SE_LAYER_MISMATCH     (-24) For this operation, both layers must be the same. SE_OUT_OF_MUTEXES     (-109) Exceeded systems maximum number of mutexes. This prevents ArcSDE from using its spatial index. sdemon –o resume -i sde_service Please enter ArcSDE DBA password: ArcSDE instance sde_service on Rabbit is Resuming, new connections will now be allowed.

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