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Cannot Send Media Information Brms

BRM2274 30 Migration required. Reason &2. BRM1165 30 Use days, date, *EXP, *PERM or *GRPnnn. BRM1561 30 Control group &1 type &2 in use. http://culturahq.com/cannot-send/cannot-send-media-center-extender-software-to-extender.html

BRM1655 40 Archive operation canceled by reply to devices &1 not ready. BRM1577 30 Library entry required. BRM1962 0 No directory detail was found matching the list criteria. BRM1630 30 Media policy &1 cannot be deleted.

BRMS has added a new expire media set volumes parameter (EXPSETMED) to the Start Expiration for BRMS (STREXPBRM) command, which will expire media in a set if the volume does not BRM1261 Recovery activity &1 already exists. BRM1688 Save level of folder or link not restored. BRM1939 10 Option not processed for media library &1.

BRM1657 40 Processing for control group &1 type &2 is canceled. BRM1734 40 No objects archived for library &1 in control group &2. BRM1228 Subsystem &1 for specified library not found. BRM1854 30 Stream file pointer reset failed.

BRM1616 20 Restoring calendar object &1 from save file &2. BRM1001 10 &1 completed successfully. BRM1702 30 Location &1 already used in a media library. https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/ssw_ibm_i_71/brms/sc41534578.htm BRM2106 0 ASP class &1 deleted.

BRM1430 Device &2 not found. BRM1757 30 Library &2 cannot be used. BRM1280 Container class &1 cannot be removed. BRM1101 IPL not started.

BRM1186 Object list required. http://itknowledgeexchange.techtarget.com/itanswers/issues-with-brms-network-group/ BAX0064 Y=Yes, N=No BAX0065 Print session file on overflow. . . . . . . The tape library has 9 tapes in it. BRM155A 10 Duplicating volume &1 file sequence &2 of &3 BRM155B 10 Reclaiming volume &1 file sequence &2 of &3 BRM1550 10 Volume expiration procedure expired &1 volumes to give &2

BRM1787 Calendar date cannot be blank. this contact form BRM1914 30 Media library command not found. BRM1866 30 Errors occurred during change of a space object. BRM2111 0 ASP &1 deleted from BRMS.

BRM1172 0 Policy &1 changed. BRM1363 Expiration date cannot be changed. BRM1202 List &1 added. http://culturahq.com/cannot-send/iphone-5-r-sim-cannot-send-sms.html BRM1931 &2 media volumes available. (C I R) BRM1933 Request for &1 expired volumes successful.

BRM1887 Specifying *ALL for every entry not valid when *EXC is used. BRM1671 Control group &1 type &2 requested &3 devices, but will only be using &4. BRM1964 No directory detail information found.

BRM1270 Location &1 changed.

Reason &5 BRM13D9 Media class &2 not added. BRM1759 Volume sequence &1 not correct for volume &2. BRM1831 Spooled file list &1 already exists. BRM1487 ANZLIBBRM command cannot run.

BRM1951 BRMS console monitor beginning request processing. BRM1886 Device &2 not compatible with media class &3. BRM1386 30 Option 6 is not allowed now. http://culturahq.com/cannot-send/cannot-send-mms-iphone-4s-o2.html BRM2173 30 System libraries cannot be migrated.

BRM1708 10 Media library &1 already exists. BRM2175 Not authorized to migrate folder &2. BRM134A 30 Error in command. BRM1F17 10 Migration information maintenance removed &1 entries.

BRM1511 30 Volumes in a container cannot mix confirm and cancel of movement. BRM1385 Location of container must match location of media. BRM1315 Volume &4 moved. Reason &5 BRM13DE 20 ASP class &2 not added.

BRM1283 30 Container &1 in use.

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