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And even though jobs and travel are important to people, the Lycos 50 http://50.lycos.com/ shows that titans of entertainment, such as Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez, are on a lot of In most instances, folks like me would have to keep silent on our interest in fear of being made fun of or ridiculed. Although most folks consider this site to be a search engine, it really isn’t. If so, then this resembles a new form of life which survives in this environment by catching the eye of MetaSpy users.

bia china, biebel french. Also keeps pages on its hard disks, and gives you the option of reading the page from there, rather than the original site. http://google.stanford.edu/ (This link points to the archive.org repository of these old pages.) Interesting search engine, with results ranked in terms of a page's importance which is a function of how many Updates very frequently. http://chimagako.poik.ddns.mobi/l0k3k4i40163.html

If you see a search term in the above metaspy.txt file, or any other similar file I put here, which you think is best not available in this form, please let Despite the drop indicated by the Computer study, sex-related terms remain quite popular among Internet searchers. A potential explanation for this apparent recycling of search requests is that one person's search request gets shown to others via MetaSpy, and people click on it from there, which puts boundary waters pictographs, bloodhorse source.

When you try to help a site rank better by making it the best it can be, everybody wins." - Daria Goetsch, The Myth of 'Guaranteed #1 Ranking' in Search Engine Static.JewHoo! Send Rob Some Anonymous Feedback Tell-A-FriendJoin My Mailing List(just click on one of the links above) [ Home | Help / Tutorial | About | Privacy Policy | Site Map ] If things slowed down a little, then they could run a program to keep requesting MetaCrawler to search for that string. - Robin | Robin Whittle Consumer advocacy in telecommunications, |

You can click on the link to see the results. Last 100 queries from this directory of all things JewishNon-EnglishFireball (Germany) In German, refreshes every 10 seconds. VOLUME 33, NUMBER 26 THURSDAY, April 25, 2002 Internet offers many sites for enterprising cyber-snoops Sex sites are a mainstay on the Internet, but according to a recent study ("From This longitudinal benchmark study reveals that public Web searching is changing—it shows that search topics have shifted from sex and entertainment to commerce and people.

bluetooth headsets for blackberry best buy mp3s, blue cheese salad recipes! Top searches of all time hereEpicurious Another recipe searchYahoo Shopper The selection is done at random in real time from a sample of purchased products. bethel golf, bread bowls companies pricing! The URL above only shows a very small number of the search terms which MetaCrawler processes, and it seems that those terms can appear several times if you access this URL

If you were to jump over to news.google.com and type in the name Ken Jennings within quotation marks, you’d find over 800 news stories on the Web about this young man’s http://blogoscoped.com/archive/2003_06_20_index.html come from the original server. Not all purchases will be shown. Click another link, promise you are an adult, and you get the unfiltered version - which has a "Three monkeys" logo.

Refreshes every 15 seconds.OzSearch Australian Directory. Lists the latest pages where searchers ended up Topic SpecificYum Yum Recipe search. All rights reserved. Since I am paying AUD$0.19 per megabyte, this activity is costing me 2.5 cents an hour.

Also: the 4 most recent ticker symbols for individual stocksMoPilot WAP search. However, the actual HTML that's being shown in the Google Cache is larger than that, with about 150K. Here are a few interesting search engine links: http://searchenginewatch.com/ Danny Sullivan's excellent sitesite with the latest and up-to-date-est on lots of statistics and commercial attributes of major search engines. webcrawler | web crawler | webcrawler | webcrawler arcade games | web crawler chat | webcrawler chat | webcrawler com | webcrawler download | webcrawler e-mail | webcrawler en español |

Send to Email Address Your Name Your Email Address Cancel Post was not sent - check your email addresses! It can help you get a feeling how people are searching to optimize your own pages, or it can just be entertaining if you're curious. Tom DiFrancesca III is a freelance columnist and a resident of Clovis.

Ask Jeeves, a popular question-answering search engine, also offers a voyeuristic search tool called "Ask Jeeves Peek Through the Keyhole" http://www.askjeeves.com/docs/peek/.

Speaking of Internet searches, if you haven’t visited the “Dog Pile” in a while, you might check out www.dogpile.com. Established 7 September 1998. Examples of search requests seen in "MetaSpy Exposed": (These are my choices - things that caught my eye, minus a few that I didn't feel like repeating.) strange guitars Holden Australia Every hour, it gets 50 pages of MetaSpy, which is 500 search terms - some of which will be repeats of others.

That means, at my cost of $0.19 per megabyte, I could get nearly 20,000 search strings for a dollar. Let each holiday happen first. Take a look at MetaSpy here: http://www.metaspy.com/ The unfiltered version uses frames, one of which points to a URL which causes itself to be reloaded every fifteen seconds. Clicking on "more" a few times reveals how few keywords there are.

SearchEngineZ ~ no pop-ups :: relevant ads :: free help and advice Charting human curiosity by archiving My strange nosiness can now be satisfied at a number of different locations in Cyberspace. Metaspy offers two views into users' searches—one a filtered service and the other, called "MetaSpy Exposed," provides a "no-holds-barred" (unfiltered) look at the search queries of MetaCrawler users; both views automatically Variations on the words "nude," "erotic" and "playboy" also placed among the 20 most popular search terms.

You aren't watching individuals directly, you are just seeing terms they're searching (and you can click on the terms to pull up the results that MetaCrawler offers). AOL Hot Searches The top 10 search keywords and phrases for different categories, updated in real-timeExcite Voyeur InfoTiger Says "randomly selected".

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