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Optus Email Problems


yet there are no identifiers that tell me what email this might be ... Webmail is just a convenient web page that you can use to view your email while it's still on the mail server. Please remember that the additional usernames and passwords you create are used only to access the additional email accounts - they are not used to connect to the Internet. Ensure that you do not have an excessive number of telephone handsets connected to the same line as the modem. weblink

Scroll to the bottom of group pane Click the '-' button that appears on the left hand side A message will appear 'Are you sure you want to delete (name of It contains or requests illegal information. You should make sure your 56k modem has the latest version of the V.90 firmware is loaded. (available from the link above) When you first dial the Internet, the noises you OPTUS SEARCH YES CROWD Searching... find this

Optus Email Problems

Click the 'Reply' or 'Reply All' option Drag and Drop messages Move messages into folders by clicking and dragging them to the desired folder. Hi, not sure if this is the right place but has anyone seen this? Ah, I still hate Optus for their arrogant assumption that we want/need something new when the old one doesn't work. How do I transfer files?

I have received an e-mail message with the attachment removed by mimedefang, what does this mean? You will receive lots of e-mails complaining about it, and [email protected] also gets lots of complaints. No charge for webmail now, Jack Daniels..? The above phenomenon is usually caused by line noise (ie.

OptusNet) username: myname@ domainname.compassword: thisISmyPASSWORDincoming mail server : mail.mydomain.comoutgoing mail server(SMTP server) : mail.optusnet.com.au ISP Outgoing Mail Server AAPT : mail.aapt.net.au Bigpond : mail.bigpond.com Blink Internet : mail.blink.m2.com.au Dodo : Optusnet Email Alternatively, type ping www.aone.com.au (replace www.aone.com.au with the server name you are trying to contact) will give you a 4 line response indicating two things (a) the server at the Click here to go to the online time usage page or click on the link at the top of the tech info home page. 34. Make sure you have disabled Telstra "Call Waiting".

I can't get any output from the 'Tech Info account usage' page or 'Comsec's watchlist'... 32. i was told to save to the phone first. My father has used webmail for as long as I can remember and should not have to go and start using it via a different method So what's changed? It actually worked!

Optusnet Email

User #21847 25 posts Ann Forum Regular reference: whrl.pl/RdtZqR posted 2013-Feb-12, 7:30 pm ref: whrl.pl/RdtZqR posted 2013-Feb-12, 7:30 pm When I travel I like to keep track of my emails Solution: Ring in to Telstra MessageBank and collect/clear your messages and the dial tone will return to normal. Optus Email Problems For 56k modems consult the page http://www.techinfo.com.au/56kfirmware.htm for a list of links to modem manufacturers software update pages. Why is my "reply to" address missing? 3.How do I download or upload a file? 4.

Please check and try again. http://culturahq.com/cannot-open/cannot-open-email-in-outlook-express.html I also had three or four complete time-outs and had to close the tab and start again. How do I add an automatic signature to my e-mail? Optus webmail uses different software to that of hotmail so there maybe an issue there within internet explorer.

Our guys are looking into it at the moment so keep checking it as you'll be able to see when it's been resolved. Apparently not true. This will only done after you give us authority to open your personal mail file by phoning the office during business hours. check over here Optus Internet is helping alleviate this problem by providing all of our Customers with Free Spam Filtering for their mailboxes.

The 'Folders' tab is shown. How do I chat with other people on the Internet? Bought my own domain name through Go Daddy at a cost of $100 for ten years Wow, guess I've saved $100.00 then.I have control of my email, Mozilla Thunderbird is Free!

Open the email message and click the paper clip so you can view or save the attachment.

Can I have multiple email accounts?

Prettier than the old one, a little faster, still not even close to gmail. I have received an e-mail message with the attachment removed by mimedefang, what does this mean? 25. We can arrange for someone to visit you and provide training also. 21. An email program that uses the IMAP protocol.

User #396442 136 posts SubbyDew Participant reference: whrl.pl/RdtA3e posted 2013-Feb-6, 2:41 pm ref: whrl.pl/RdtA3e posted 2013-Feb-6, 2:41 pm I don't personally use webmail as it is a bad life choice Off Enable message preview This allows you to preview the first line of an email, from the second pane, when using 3 pane view On Enable extra address fields When this User #396442 136 posts SubbyDew Participant reference: whrl.pl/Rdt1wf posted 2013-Feb-13, 12:07 pm ref: whrl.pl/Rdt1wf posted 2013-Feb-13, 12:07 pm That is a perfect reason why Optus webmail should have a higher this content IRC is an acronym for Internet Relay Chat, you can access by downloading and installing an IRC client program such as mIRC.

Type your question here Leader BoardWhat's this? You probably have a pop3 client that you've forgotten about that's cleared them out.

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