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Cannot Open Index File Npc.idx

Adobe does not open index.idx cannot open "index.idx'in Windows 10 Jan Kijlstra 2 Answers Voted Best Answer Edit Answer (for another -26 minute) To search a PDF index you need to A theme comprised of a default set of snippets (e.g., A, B, & C below). In rare condition, kernel might crash on backup and/or master Routing Engine due to exhaustion of nexthop index space. Of course, also check it for typos. weblink

What this means, is that you just randomly put inside your script a } followed by a valid header. Solution A long story short: You will have to verify that the file save/mapreg.txt is not locked from writing. PR1066735: This issue has been resolved.Forwarding and SamplingIf the template of the policer is changed (for example, change the bandwidth-limit value of policer), shared-bandwidth-policer knob may not function properly anymore. However, the event label was not found by the mapserver. http://www2.biglobe.ne.jp/~nir/npc/trouble.html

Solution Confirm that the variable does exist, and that it obeys the official rules for names of a variable. If this both is the case, and you still get the error, then make sure that the name is different from any variable name, function name, subroutine name and command name. One way is with a predefined coverage (bc_all, bc_map etc. Source Syntax: ShowError("npc_settimerevent_tick: Attached player not found!\n"); Cause Your script, or in this specific case, your timer, used to have a player attached to it.

Advisor professor asks for my dissertation research source-code Would we find alien music meaningful? The following list is a list of all possible keywords: duplicate function mapflag monster script setcell shop warp Solution Make sure you have the tabs in the right place, and that There are two separate ways for a NPC header to function correctly: map,x,y,dscriptNamesprite,{ -scriptName-1,{ When the server does not detect a dash (-) at the start of your header, it will Solution Calculate if the number which you try to convert to the decimal system, is less than the maximum allowed.

script:getelementofarray: not a variable Source Syntax: ShowError("script:getelementofarray: not a variable\n"); Cause The variable you tried to get an element of with getelementofarray, isn't a variable, or it isn't a legal variable etc. Definition of Error The errors mentioned in this article, are all the possible script related errors that show in the map-server's console. PR1039340: This issue has been resolved.When the tunnel between L2TP access concentrator (LAC) and L2TP network server (LNS) is destroyed, the tunnel information will be maintained until destruct-timeout expire (if the

How to Find and Fix Your Error Fixing errors in scripts require some handiness. This error does not occur when you compiled your code in such a way that it saves your global variables to the SQL table named mapreg. As a result, when the filter term is sent to dfwd and tell it to attach to the policer, dfwd had already deleted the policer, and since rpd skipped re-adding it, PR1009426: This issue has been resolved.Whenever a FPC goes down suddenly due to hardware failure on T Series router, the data traffic in transit towards this FPC from other Enhanced Scaling

If there is a memory parity error present in the SRAM then the coredump will abort and the FPC will crash unless `set chassis pfe-debug flag disable-asic-sram-dump` is configured. http://www2.big.or.jp/~nir/Forum/archive-ex.cgi?room=mesh.npc.2&sort=onethread&suppress=1&min=335&max=340&make=1 Example Wrong code: set @temp, getvariableofnpc(.1stVar,"MyFirstNPC"); Correct code: set @temp, getvariableofnpc(.FirstVar,"MyFirstNPC"); script:goto: not a label Source Syntax: Current: ShowError("script:goto: not a label\n"); Until Rev. 10812: ShowError("script:goto: not label!\n"); Cause You tried Solution Make sure you supplied the correct mapname to the warp function and make sure that the map is loaded and enabled in the mapserver. The player went missing though.

Please use 'NPCNAME::OnEVENT' instead of '...'. have a peek at these guys Source Syntax: ShowError("buildin_checkweight: Wrong item ID or amount.\n"); Cause You tried to check the weight of an invalid item or a negative amount of items. These sections will also contain an explanation on what likely caused this error and what possible fixes are. If that still doesn't help, decrease the error list, then consider to have your server only load the new scripts, one at the time, in the hope that it will show

Both a (*,g) and an (s,g) forwarding route are created. 4. script:callsub: argument is not a label Source Syntax: Current: ShowError("script:callsub: argument is not a label\n"); Until Rev. 10812: ShowError("script: callsub: not label!\n"); Cause The label you provided for your callsub does Solution Verify that the reported label does exist, and is correctly typed, and that it also obeys the rules for label naming. check over here Source Syntax: ShowError("buildin_soundeffectall: insufficient arguments for specific area broadcast.\n"); Cause You didn't provide enough arguments for soundeffectall.

PR1004066: This issue has been resolved.If "maintain-subscriber" knob is enabled on the router, DHCPv6 server/relay might be unable to process any packet if deactivate and then activate the routing instance, which Solution Making a solution for this will be a bit time intensive. If it happens that an enqueued BGP route update for this peer has not been sent out, issuing the CLI command "show route advertising-protocol bgp " might crash the routing

Unlike common sense, this is possible.

getvariableofnpc: can't find npc ... script:cleararray: not a variable Source Syntax: ShowError("script:cleararray: not a variable\n"); Cause The variable you tried to clear with cleararray, isn't a variable, or it isn't a legal variable name. Correct code:

... Event Type ...

For example if you want to search for this error: Out of range spawn coordinates: prt_fild08 (-50,-50), map size is (250,250) then try using this to search for: Out of range Solution Make sure the shop actually exists. PR954079: This issue has been resolved.In large scale L3VPN environment (in this case, there are 80K L3VPN routes) with Non-Stop Routing (NSR) enabled. this content As a workaround, configuring "set chassis pfe-debug flag disable-asic-sram-dump" before "write coredump" will help to avoid the issue.

Example Wrong code: prontera,107,215,0warpprt01prontera_in,240,139 Correct code: prontera,107,215,0warpprt01prt_in,240,139 Could not parse file '...', line '...'. * ... ... ... ... Add up the numbers of the bc's that you used, to see if it stays under 23. So, if you are also unsuccessful there, then please try the Outdated Errors section as a last resort. To resolve the problem, the corresponding label-switched-path configuration needs to be deactivated, then, be activated again.

Solution Recheck if you did not make any typos in the subroutine which you are trying to call. This can be caused by a hard drive failure, physical damage to the hard-drive or memory and/or saving global variables while the server crashed suddenly. An event label you want to use, does not exist. If this isn't the case, remove it or make the piece of code a real function or subroutine.

npc_script_event: NULL sd.

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