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Cannot Log Commit Record For Diskgroup

This message may also appear during a plex detach operation in a cluster. V-5-1-569 VxVM vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1-569 Disk group group,Disk disk:Cannot auto-import group: reason On system startup, vxconfigd failed to import the disk group associated with the named disk. V-5-1-480 VxVM vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1-480 Cannot reset VxVM kernel: reason The -r reset option was specified to vxconfigd, but the VxVM kernel drivers could not be reset. V-5-1-2866 VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-2866 object: Record already exists in disk group A disk group join operation failed because the name of an object in one disk group is the same

The most likely cause for this error is that your system does not have enough memory or paging space to allow vxconfigd to fork. >>Action If your system is this low This usually happens if a controller is disabled for maintenance. Other error messages may provide more information about the disks that cannot be found. Action: Supply a correct option argument. click to read more

Retry when the cluster reconfiguration has completed. The most common reason for auto-import failures is excessive numbers of disk failures, making it impossible for the Volume Manager to find correct copies of the disk group configuration database and VxVM provides atomic changes of system configurations; either a transaction completes fully or the system appears as though the transaction was never attempted. Database file not found Description: Regular startup of vxconfigd failed.

V-5-1-554 VxVM vxconfigd WARNING V-5-1-554 Disk disk names group group, but group ID differs Description: As part of a disk group import, a disk was discovered that had a mismatched disk A failing disk is indicated by a "Detached disk" message. A read or write operation from or to the specified Veritas Volume Manager object failed. V-5-1-768 VxVM vxconfigd NOTICE V-5-1-768 Offlining config copy number on disk disk: Reason: reason An I/O error caused the indicated configuration copy to be disabled.

Action: See V-5-1-5929 for possible causes and solutions. The slave re-tries with the current version (if that version is supported on the joining node), or the join fails. The vxdmpadm start restore command has been executed while the restore daemon is already running. https://sort.symantec.com/public/documents/sf/5.0/solaris64/html/vxvm_tshoot/ts_ch_errormessages_vm5.html Action: Restart the vxconfigd daemon.

V-5-1-2907 VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-2907 diskgroup: Disk group does not exist The disk group does not exist or is not imported Use the correct name, or import the disk group and The volume can be partially salvaged and moved to another location if desired. The error indicates that one of the disks in a disk group could not be updated with the new host ID. Also, for each disk group, /dev/vx/dsk/diskgroup and /dev/vx/rdsk/diskgroup directories are created.

Failure of the rootdg disk group may require reinstallation of the system if your system uses a root or /usr file system defined on a volume. Message: Disk group: Errors You can recreate a disk group configuration by using the procedures given in Restoring a disk group configuration V-5-1-583 VxVM vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1-583 Disk group group: Reimport of disk group failed: A failing disk is indicated by a "Detached disk" message. This may be due to a hardware failure.

Additional error messages may be displayed that give more information on the specific error. This error most likely indicates one of the following: The Volume Manager package installation did not complete correctly. If vxprint shows that the TUTIL0 field for a disk group is set to MOVE, and you are certain that no disk group move, split or join should be in progress, To deport a disk group using vxdiskadm, select menu item 9 (Remove access to (deport) a disk group).

Use ps -e to search for such processes, and use kill to kill any that you find. This error should not occur if the standard VxVM procedures are used for encapsulating the disk containing the /usr file system. >>Action You will need to boot the Volume Manager from Action: In case 1, boot the system on a CD-ROM or networking-mounted root file system, directly mount the disk partition of the root file system, and remove the following lines from If there is a configuration daemon process already running, then the -k option causes a SIGKILL signal to be sent to that process.

Also, if the RAID-5 volume does not have an active log, then failure of the system may leave the volume unusable. Retry the join. The only side effect of a directory not being removed is that the directory and its contents will continue to use space in the root file system.

Try running the following command to determine whether the disk is still operational: # vxdisk check device If the disk is no longer operational, vxdisk should print a message such as:

If the root file system is not defined on a volume, then just mount the root file system directly. This message only occurs during disk group import; it can only occur if the disk was inaccessible while new database objects were added to the configuration, and the disk was then The auto-import of the older disk group fails because more recently modified disk groups have precedence over older disk groups. This usually implies a large number of disk failures.

If the log is mirrored, hot-relocation tries to relocate the failed log automatically. If that does not cure the problem, re-add the VxVM packages. Volume Manager Configuration Daemon Error Messages The Volume Manager is fault-tolerant and resolves most problems without system administrator intervention. The path cannot be disabled.

Create a new DRL of sufficient size. V-5-1-3022 VxVM vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1-3022 Cannot find disk on slave node A slave node in a cluster cannot find a shared disk. This error indicates a failure related to reading the file /var/vxvm/tempdb/group. If you want to use the disk on this system, then use vxdiskadd to add the disk for use by the local system.

Action: Check your PROM settings for the correct boot string. The file system or other application reading the data may report an additional error, but in either event, data has been lost. Then, regenerate the device node using this command: # vxdctl enable V-5-1-92 VxVM vxconfigd WARNING V-5-1-92 Cannot exec /bin/rm to remove directory: reason The given directory could not be removed because Reasons for failure vary considerably.

Message: Bad request: client, portal [REQUEST|DIAG], size vxvm:vxconfigd: WARNING: Bad request number: client number, portal [REQUEST|DIAG], size number >>Clarification This is a diagnostic message that indicates an invalid request generated by V-5-1-528 VxVM vxconfigd NOTICE V-5-1-528 Detached volume volume The specified volume was detached as a result of a disk failure, or as a result of the administrator removing a disk with

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